Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Year in Review.....and Some Goals for the New Year.

So I’ve decided that there’s no way I’m going to get caught up on last years fishing reports, so I think I’ll just write down some highlights, and some goals for this year.

I didn’t reach my goal of 2009 fish in the year 2009. I fell short at of my goal by 146 fish. It just got too cold, and too busy. I still had a great year though. I caught way more largemouth than I’ve ever caught.

I still haven’t beaten my size record, but I tied it seven times. I learned a ton of new techniques and refined some others. I gained a huge amount of confidence in some lures that I had never done well on before, like crankbaits:

and stickbaits.

I also fell in love with some new ones I hadn’t tried, such as brush hogs:

and shakey heads.

I also found smallmouth.

I was a little afraid when we moved up here that there weren’t any smallmouth nearby. Well I found them, and in a river no less.

I also started making my own lures, and the fish aren’t the only ones that are hooked.

I caught way more musky than last year, and lost many more.

I caught lakers on the fly, as well as my first splake, and a really nice brook trout.

I also caught my biggest rainbow yet.

It’s a shame it was on a spinning rod, I was actually looking for bass.

Though I neglected the rivers this past year, I still had an amazing August afternoon full of nice cutthroat and a pasty surprise on the Logan.

I also hit my first salmon fly hatch.

I happened across some rather tasty perch and walleye in my travels as well.

After such an excellent year, it wouldn't seem that there are many more goals I could have, but I've thought of a few. For one, I really want to catch a tiger musky on a fly rod. Besides getting a nice 8wt, I've been working on some furry concoctions to turn those toothy critters' heads.

I'm also hoping to make it down to Willard this spring to take a shot at some wipers, and I really want to try tying into some big spawning walleyes this spring.

Well, as the snow flies outside, I'm dreaming of a sunny spring day out on the water. I hope it gets me through.