Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ice Off at the Local Pond


After all the wind and then warm sunny weather that we'd had, I thought I'd head down to the local pond to see if the ice was off yet. It was completely gone, but apparently I wasn't the only one to discover this. Trying to escape the crowds, I took a little dirt road down to some weedy shallows at the far end of the reservoir. I quickly noticed NO TRESPASSING signs posted at several spots along the road. I was a little nervous, this is the only place to take my float tube on this lake without the fear of annihilation by brainless boaters and wooers. I hiked down the road past the signs and took a look around. There was an awful lot of crap strewn about as well as a smattering of fire rings. I wouldn't want a bunch of a-holes trashing my land either. I didn't see any signs of life, but I decided to chuck a big clown colored jerkbait and a chartreuse double willow spinner bait for a bit, despite the dead frigid water. Well, at least it was good casting practice with my new baitcast rig. I only had a couple of small backlashes, and those came when casting into the wind. I just might get the hang of it after all. Well, I knew it was likely a waste of time fishing the lake this early, so I decided to go home and work in the yard. I saw the landowner when I got back to the car, and he didn't say anything. Hopefully I can keep parking and hiking in past his property, or I just might have to give up on musky fishing.

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