Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nothing to Write Home About


It's been cold.  Cold and wet.  It snowed last week.  Again.  It's May.  Stupid Utah.  Today was cool and cloudy, but it seemed like the lumbering storm system had finally moved on.  All morning it had been calm and dry.  So of course as soon as I set out to do a little fishing the storms came rolling in again.  Oh well, at least it wasn't snow this time.  With all the rain, everything is becoming a nice emerald green.  The birds are really showing up, and it's finally seeming like a Cache Valley spring.  My Utah fishing license had expired, so I needed to obtain a new one before I could hunt for any kitties.  Bep's didn't have any, so I had to drive into Logan.  I was hoping that the storms would pass while on my journeys, but it wasn't to be.  As I approached the marina, a wall of gray greeted me.  I hung out in my car for a bit, perusing some fishing magazines I had tucked away in my backpack.  The storm tapered down to some light drizzle, so I went for it.  I hunkered up against the highway bridge, which took the brunt of the wind and rain.  I lobbed out some carp meat and then rigged my other rod up with some shrimp that was left over from the weekend's party.  I had foolishly sampled some the day before and found it not fit for human consumption anymore.  I only had about an hour to fish before work, and unfortunately no channel cats showed up in that time.  My rod tips were tapping away, but most of the fish never hooked up.  The shrimp was especially frustrating.  The fish went nuts for it, but it was soft and easy to gnaw off the hook.  I only hooked one on it.  I ended up with 8 bullhead that I felt weren't worth taking the lens cap off of my camera.

Final Tally:  8 Bullhead

Year Tally:  192 Fish

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