Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carp Chunks and Dimwits


I ran down to Cutler for a bit to see if the catfish had become active again.  I tried the oxbow, and had a bunch of taps on my line, but no hookups.  I got fed up with it and moved down to the marina.  The water was down, and although it was muddy, I was able to get out to the spot where I had caught the big cats a month ago.  I caught a couple of small bullhead on crawlers, but just wasn't finding any channel cats.  I moved further down and had some taps, but no hookups.  There were some really loud and obnoxious rednecks by the marina that said lots of entertainingly stupid things, but it got old after a while.  I had a couple of hard thumps on the carp meat, but somehow they didn't hookup.  Some storms blew in with high winds, scaring off the white trash.  It also turned the fish on and I caught a few more bullhead before I had to go to work.  Not really worth going to work with stinky hands for, but what can you do?

Final Tally:  6 Bullhead Catfish

Year Tally:  262 Fish

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