Friday, February 24, 2012

Blacksmith Fork 2/17/2012

I was hoping to do some exploring for access to The Little Bear, but cold, cloudy weather made me debate whether or not to even go for most of the day.  I ended up scrapping my plans of exploring hit The Blacksmith Fork later in the afternoon. I didn't make it onto the water until after 3:30. There were a lot of people up there so I ended up fishing a stretch I don't really like. Fishing was okay. I landed 9 browns, 1 whitefish and a cutthroat in a couple of hours. Nothing too exciting.

The fish hit on a variety of flies. A rubber legged foam stimulator, free living caddis larva, jelly eggs and a golden brown Prince variation.  Sadly the sun came out about five minutes before it went behind the canyon walls.  It was a chilly couple of hours, my wading shoe laces were even frozen when I got back to the car.  It was still nice to get out though.

Total for trip:  9 browns, 1 cutthroat, 1 whitefish

Total for year:  19 fish

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