Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weston Reservoir 5/14/2009

Well I enjoyed myself so much the last couple of times at Weston, that I just had to head back. I wanted to try out a new bass fly I made up, and I was excited to catch a bass the very first cast on it. Unfortunately things slowed down for a bit. I picked up a few more on a 3" watermelon seed grub. Things just weren't as fast as I had hoped for. I rummaged through my gear and uncovered a bag of 4" skirted double tail grubs. I was apprehensive seeing as they're quite large, but I tied one on anyhow. I cast it out and let it sink to the bottom. Fish on. I slowly crawled it along the bottom and started nailing fish. I hooked into the best bass I've taken yet at Weston, 17". I was running out of time before work, so I headed back to the other shore. I caught my first dink of the day. I was about to leave when I found a bass at the end of my line. I didn't realize that he was even on there, and he unfortunately tried to swallow the thing. I guess they like anise. I cut the line and wished him well. I got 19 bass, 14 on the one grub before it was devoured. I have a new favorite.

Total fish for the trip: 19
Total fish for the year: 100

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