Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weston Reservoir 5/7/2009

I paddled over to my favorite new spot and quickly caught a nice bass on a Purple Weston fly. I caught one more and then it got quiet. I decided to try a drop shot with some Gulp! minnows on my spinning rod. The wind was really starting to blow and it was hard to sense strikes. I caught a few more, but got fed up with being blown around so much. I beached my tube and fished from shore for a bit. Things were pretty miserable with blowing rain. Things let up eventually, but I was losing time. I paddled back across the lake and decided to try a ring worm on a jig head. I took a few more, and then took a few more on a caterpillar grub. I ended up with 11 bass between 12 and 15". I was rushing to get to work and forgot that my mug (nearly full of delicious Mt. Dew) was on the top of my car. Amazingly it made it a mile at 55 mph before it flew off on a curve. I flipped a u turn and found it, only slightly damaged. It's sitting next to me now as I type this.

Total fish for the trip: 11
Total fish for the year: 81

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