Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Wind is Still an Obscenity to Me 05/09/12

Another trip to my favorite largemouth pond, another day of battling the elements.  There was a little breeze when I arrived, but nothing too troublesome.  I kicked over to a favorite stretch of water and quickly caught a little guy on a lipless crank, and another on a Jackall Squirrel 79 deep jerkbait.  Then, while throwing a Lucky Craft Skeet Mini DR in baby bluegill, I hooked a good one.  He rolled on the surface and came loose.  I threw to the same spot and caught his buddy.

I caught another small one on the jerkbait and then it was quiet for a while.  The wind really started to kick up and I couldn't stay on a spot very effectively.  During a lull a moved up to a point that has been good to me, but not that day.  I let the wind take me back down the shore.  Finally, while fishing the Squirrel 79, a fish hit it on a long pause.  This was a much better fish.  After a nice fight I scooped her up to find my jerkbait was consumed in it's entirety.  Thankfully the hooks missed her gills and she was good to go.

I picked up a couple around a foot long before moving across to a productive point.  The wind had produced some current along the edge of the point.  I lobbed a Lucky Craft CB Flat DR in Aurora Bass out into that current and picked up this little chunker.

I fished all over the point with cranks and jerkbaits, I even rigged up a dropshot, but all I caught was a dink on a Jackall Squirrel 76.  I was nearly out of time, so I paddled across the bay.  I actually had some protection from the wind here, so my final 15 minutes was spent fishing instead of flailing my legs in an attempt to stay in one spot.  I quickly picked this guy up on the Squirrel.

I saw some flooded brush and threw a soft jerkbait into it.  I managed to pick up a few little guys this way before I had to go.

Overall, not that exciting of a day, but the weather should be stabilizing soon and the fish will be moving shallow.

Total for trip: 13 largemouth

Total for year: 328 fish

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