Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well That Was a Stupid Decision 4/25/12

I'm really going to try keeping this one short.  I went to a different lake for a change of pace.  I almost stopped at a favorite spot on the way in, but instead I went straight for an area with deep water adjacent to the bank.  The other area was more of a flat, and I didn't think the fish would be up in there yet.

Anyway, I found slightly turbid water, though it was 60 degrees.  I tried some brush with plastics, but found nothing.  Pretty early on a scored a decent fish hopping a Specialty Tackle one knocker lipless crank.

It put up a good fight for it's size.  Clouds and wind arrived shortly after and blew me down the bank.  I headed for some deeper water, but got nothing.  Finally I caught a little 10 incher off some brush with the soft jerkbait.  That was it for a while.  I probed the whole area with deep cranks and long lipped jerkbaits.  Finally I decided to get back in the car and move to a new area.  I managed a brute of an 8" bass from the same tree on the same bait.

I drove all the way to the end of the lake.  The conditions were the same, and the wind was getting worse.  I worked my butt off for an hour and a half, and managed one fish on a Duo Hacker Slaver 90 suspending jerkbait.

I tried deep cranks and dropshots as well, but that was all.  On the way out, I took a quick peek at that first spot.  I was cursing my name vehemently.  The water was crystal clear, and bass cruised the shallows.  I scrambled to grab my soft jerkbait rod, but it was severely tangled with my other rods.  I worked it free and missed a fish on the first cast.  On the fourth cast, I set the hook with a little too much enthusiasm and broke on off.  Somehow the line had become frayed and I failed to notice it.  Oh well, I was running late for work now anyway.  I jumped back in my car and drove to Logan, grumbling under my breath the whole way regarding my poor decisions of the day.

Total for trip:  4 largemouth bass

Total for year:  266 fish

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