Monday, July 16, 2012

Frogger 6/14/12

I managed to make it out for one more quick largemouth trip before leaving for Minnesota.  I only had about 3 hours to fish, but it proved a fruitful little excursion.  I was amazed to find calm conditions on my arrival.  I worked my way toward a weedy bay, catching one on a spinnerbait as I traveled.  I caught a couple on top from the bay on a Megabass Prop Darter 110, then I noticed a lot of fish going nuts in the rushes up against the bank.  I got up into the weeds and started throwing a soft jerkbait.  I caught several cookie cutters on that before switching over to a small hollow belly frog.  After that it was non stop topwater action.  Some would detonate on the frog, others would gently suck it under.  I missed quite a few, but I landed the majority.  Most were typicals, but a few were a little better quality.

Eventually the action slowed down and the wind kicked up.  I moved to a steep bank with some flooded willows on the far shore.  The water had come down a little, so a lot of the willows were now on dry land.  I still caught quite a few on a soft jerkbait.  I was catching quite a few small fish, and I was having a hard time setting the hook with the wind, so I tied a wacky rigged 4" Baby Tiki Stick on my light action spinning rod.  That did the trick.  Not only did I have a better hooking percentage, but I caught some better quality fish.

The stupid wind made waves which caused that last pic to be out of focus.  Lame.  The two better fish were in a tight strip of open water between the inside weedline and the willows.  I hooked another good one, but she buried herself in a mass of vegetation before I could turn her with my flimsy rod.  I caught a couple more little guys before having to take off for work. 

Total for trip: 35 largemouth

Total for year:  749 fish

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