Thursday, July 5, 2012

Post Frontal Blues 05/28/12

After the previous week's success, I was anxious to return to my favorite little bass pond.  Unfortunately, things had cooled way down.  I was concerned when I saw that the water had dropped ten degrees down into the upper 50s.  Nevertheless, I quickly caught a nice chunk of a bass on a spinnerbait fairly quickly.

I had several quick little taps at the bait, but no hookups.  As I reached the far shore I picked up the best fish of the day along a drop in about ten feet of water on a little Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 60 DD.

I kept fishing the area and had more quick taps on the spinnerbait before finally hooking up with the culprit.  I had hooked a rainbow planter on a 3/8oz spinnerbait, right through the back behind the head.  Crazy bugger.  I worked my way up the bank and scored a fish here or there.  Most fish were out a little deeper away from the shoreline reeds.  Still, I managed a few decent ones on spinnerbaits and soft jerkbaits.  I also got some love on a Lucky Craft Slender Pointer 97.  I remember losing a really nice one on that bait too.

Nothing too exciting happened really.  I caught a fat perch on a small soft jerkbait, the first of the year.  I ended up with 33 bass, trout and a perch in my four hours of fishing.  Still a decent day, but not like the last.

Total for Trip:  33 largemouth, rainbows and a perch

Total for Year:  581 fish

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