Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blacksmith Revisited


I'd been thinking about last week's trip to the Blacksmith Fork quite a bit the past few days. It was a fantastic way to start the season, and I really wanted to get back up there. Well the sun was shining, and though it was a bit on the cold side, I decided to head up there again. I got a late start as I'd been stuck at the hospital cleaning up a bit of a mess that had drug into the wee hours the night before. I realized I only had a couple of hours before I had to return to work again, so I settled on the lower section near the mouth of the canyon. I don't really have a lot of experience with this section as it seems to get the most pressure and I tend to pass it by. It also has a fairly high gradient and isn't always the most fun place to wade. Nevertheless, I trudged down through some soft and mushy snow to the river. Pretty quickly I caught a pretty little brown from in front of a boulder.

That was rather quick, and I was feeling optimistic, but overall the fishing was steady, but not fantastic. I caught six more browns like this one and missed a few more from similar pocket water. Along the way, I pulled a pretty cutt from a large pool where BWOs were hatching. It was tough to get a good drift, but I finally got into a good position parallel to the head of the run and caught him.

He made some nice darting runs about the pool before being led into the net. I pulled another smaller, but equally pretty cutthroat from a shallow riffle a bit later. The last fish of the day was once again the lowly whitefish.

A little smaller than last week's, but he gave a spirited, though rather brief little tussle. Most of the fish took the golden carrot's ear once again, though a few took a dark brown electric p wing nymph. Nothing on top today, though a pretty decent trout shot up to my Turk's and immediately shot back down to the depths. Overall not a bad two hours, but I think next time I'll sacrifice a few minutes to driving time and head upstream. I'm also not especially in love with the old camera I'm now using on my outings, but perhaps I'll get used to it.

Final Tally: 7 browns, 2 cutthroat, 1 whitefish

Year Tally: 31 fish

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