Friday, March 19, 2010

A Change of Pace


After a morning of studying, I decided I'd give The Logan a try before work. I only had about an hour and a half, so I was looking for some water close to the canyon mouth. As I approached 3rd dam, I noticed some nice looking pocket water below the dam. I pulled over at the reservoir, and immediately noticed trout dimpling the surface. "Why not?" I thought. This way I didn't even have to worry about taking my pants off right next to the highway, I could fish from shore. So I cast out the dry/dropper rig that I had tied up from the day before, and a couple trout looked in it's direction, but that was all. I figured they were eating midges, so I put on a Griffith's Gnat. Same result. So I attached a dropper line and a size 20 midge pupa. First cast a fish slammed it, and unfortunately I slammed back. My line popped, taking both flies with it. I rummaged through my midge box and settled on a Halo Midge Emerger. I missed the next fish, but finally I slowed down and hooked this little guy.

I missed a couple more, and then I hooked into a big fish. I brought it a little closer, and I realized I had the Queen of the Whitefish on my line. At least 20" and super fat. I brought her up next to me, and then slack. My line had simply given out. I'm wondering if a couple years of kicking around in my vest and hardly being used had weakened my lite tippet. Oh well, at least it was just a whitefish. I was getting pretty low on midge emergers, and then I lost another. I managed one more small fish before the wind and lack of flies drove me away. Plus I had to pee really bad. So I drove to the next turnoff and took care of business. I had a half hour still before work, so I figured I'd try this section. Well, I can't say I was impressed. It was highly channelized with very little fish holding water. With longer runs predominant, I decided to put on an indicator and two nymphs. I worked my way upstream, only seeing a couple of fish that were up under bank side brush, when I finally came to a fishy looking run. I cast out my flies, and a trout rose up confidently, sipping in my little yellow foam indicator, pulling it down beneath the surface. So I switched back to a dry/dropper rig, and of course nothing else looked at them. I had to head back to work, but I'm thinking I just might want to grab some new 5x and some more size 20 hooks.

Final Tally: 2 Brown Trout

Year Tally: 62 Fish

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