Sunday, March 21, 2010

A St. Patrick's Day Excursion


After finally emerging from the BATC Testing Center, tired and bleary eyed, I found myself free in Logan at about 10:45 a.m. with nothing to do until 3:30. Good thing I left my waders and 3/4 wt in the car. After a quick stop for some Code Red and a fruit pie, I drove down to Hyrum once again. I decided to fish the section where I had done so well my first day out two weeks prior. I got on the water at about 11:30, and was surprised when I didn't get a single hit from the first run. I spooked one fish from some heavy brush, but that was all the activity I saw. I kept working my way upstream with no strikes, and very few fish spotted. I reached a classic run that had produced several fish last time, but for the first five minutes, nothing happened. Finally my indicator went down, and I had a nice fish on. I chased it downstream and finally scooped this ugly fellow up in my net.

I released the whitey and fished the run some more. I scored one small brown, and that was it. I was beginning to feel a bit disappointed, but then I reminded myself that it was a bit earlier in the day than before, not to mention daylight savings had made it even earlier as far as the sun was concerned. So I pushed on with no success, until I reached another long deep run. I could see some huge whitefish working the bottom, and I figured they were better than nothing. I drifted my flies over them several times, missing one, before getting a solid hookup. The fish took off downstream, fighting uncharacteristically hard for a whitefish. It got down into the fast water and popped off while trying to net it. I moved back to the tail of the run and decided that with the depth and length of the run that I would switch to a straight up nymphing setup. I left the Golden Carrot's Ear on and added a small midge pupa below it. First cast brought me another whitefish that shot downstream, zigzagging wildly from bank to bank. I eventually netted this lanky rascal.

I ended up taking five more whites out of the run on the Carrot's Ear, and two browns

on the midge. All the whitefish fought much harder than usual, and I was beginning to feel a lot better about the day. The water switched back to pocket water, and I switched back to a dry/dropper. It was getting rather warm now, and I noticed some good bug activity. I tied on a bwo nymph as my bottom fly and scored some decent browns from the next few areas. I worked my way up to a nice long riffle with a deeper run at the head. I scored a small cutt, and then everywhere I cast I found small fingerling cutts checking out my fly but not committing to a take. I worked my way up to the deeper water and had a number of refusals on my Turk's. I decided to change to a smaller foam bodied dry I'd made up last summer, as well as add a new dropper I'll call "The Electric Hare's Ear With a Twist of Lime," down below. I ended up scoring a few more fish, but I had a lot of fish hitting the dropper very quickly, and then letting go before I could hook them, and two of the fish I did hook on it, were foul hooked. It might be a bit much for a sunny day I've decided. Shortly I found myself at another long deep run and I scored this pretty little cutt on my dry.

I had several refusals on the dry before moving on. I worked my way upstream catching a small whitefish and a few more trout before having to head off to work. When I arrived at the car it was downright toasty inside, and I had to use the A/C for the first time this year. Nice.

Final Tally: 21 Browns, Cutts and Whitefish

Year Tally: 83 Fish

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