Sunday, June 28, 2009

Logan River 3/4/2009

It was fairly warm, but a storm was fast approaching with ridiculously strong winds growing stronger every moment. But, I needed out of the house, so I ran up Logan Canyon for a bit. I trudged through knee deep snow down to a very promising looking run. Within a minute or two, a nice looking cutthroat refused the Turk's Tarantula that I was using as an indicator. The next cast he took the #16 dark mayfly nymph I had dropping off the Turk's. In the next small run a feisty brown took the nymph and proceeded to jump a number of times before coming to hand. I reached a deep green pool, but was too lazy to rig to something deeper. There was also a large tree covering most of the run, so casting and getting a decent drift were nearly impossible. I got a snag and flushed some big ugly whitefish while retrieving it. I figured that run was done, so I moved on. A shallower quicker piece of water lay ahead, and I spotted a fish finning near the far bank. I decided I wanted to try out a new purple ice mayfly nymph I had made up the week before and was happy to see the fish turn and chase it downstream a foot or two before nabbing it. A moment later I was holding another pretty little cutt. About this time the wind had gotten nearly unbearable. After flailing against it and losing a few flies for another half hour, I decided it was time to go home.

Total fish for the trip: 3
Total fish for the year: 8

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