Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oneida Narrows 3/12/2009

Well it was spring break, and the first day of the break was a freaking blizzard. By Thursday, it was a bright and sunny day, and it looked quite warm. Well, looks can be deceiving, but I headed out anyhow. I was really curious about The Narrows as I had never fished there, so I decided to shell out my $82 and make today the day that I finally get my Idaho season fishing license. Rumor had it that walleye were beginning to show up up the canyon, so I started my day fishing jigs. Well, I caught a lot, a lot of moss that is. I got pretty bored with picking scungey green chunks off my hook, so I exchanged my spinning rod for a fly rod. It wasn't fast fishing, but I managed 4 browns and 2 rainbows, all around a foot, before the biting wind drove me home. I fished a double nymph rig with a #12 purple prince nymph and a #18 dark mayfly nymph. Saw a bunch of deer, wild turkeys, and the first sandhill cranes of the season.

Total fish for the trip: 6
Total fish for the year: 14

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