Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weston Reservoir 5/1/2009

Well I went to Weston planning on rainbows and maybe some perch and had a great day. I put in at the dam and as I began to troll a leech on sinking line along the face of the dam. I was startled by the sound of a loon right behind me. I hadn't heard them since fishing in Maine when I was 14. There were two and they were really curious. They got rather close and I snapped some pics. While I was messing with the camera, I had a hard hit on my fly. I began to notice fish rising all around me. I cast my fly to them and quickly caught a feisty little rainbow. These weren't the typical planters I was used to, these were Kamloops rainbows. I was ready for them to sort of twirl and flop around as I pulled them in, but they put a healthy bend in my rod and jumped repeatedly. I missed a couple more and then decided to see if they liked the little 1/64 ounce jig I had on my ultralight spinning rod. They really liked it and I caught a total of 9 bows in about half an hour. I was enjoying myself, but really wanted to get into some bigger fish, so I began trolling toward my honey hole from last fall. I paddled into some shallower water and saw weed beds, and lots of perch eggs. I got out my spinning rod and put a 2" bubble gum grub as I remember doing well for perch on that color in Connecticut. Pretty soon I had a hit, but by the way my rod bent in half, I knew it wasn't a perch. To my surprise, I had caught my first largemouth bass of the year. A nice healthy one too. I thought the water was too cold, so I hoped it wasn't a fluke. I worked my way along the weedbed, crawling my jig ever so slowly along the bottom, and picked up a couple more bass as well as a perch. I switched over to something a little more substantial, an eighth ounce stump jumper in chartreuse and orange. I also found a steeper shoreline that quickly dropped into 20 feet of water. That was the ticket. In the next half hour it was non stop action and I ended up with 11 bass between 12 and 15". They were a ton of fun on my little micro light rod. Unfortunately I had get to work right when things got good. Oh well.

Total fish for the trip: 21
Total fish for the year: 69

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